Our Story

Alternate Reality is is our live trance act as Pan and vj baby k.  This is when we play live sets together.  As Pan and vj baby k (Kristina), we appear in solo sets under our artist names – but as an audio/visual team we are known as Alternate Reality. An alternate reality has been experienced in clubs, stadiums, and outdoor psytrance events…Just imagine immersive synaesthesia of uplifting tunes melding with insane live visuals.

Our music journey built by Pan has a penchant for making people dance like no one’s watching– be it in Opening Sets for the likes of Talamasca, M-Theory, Timo Maas, Lange, Astrix; or Closing Sets for Tiesto, Perplex, Marc Vedo, Infected Mushroom, and Deepsky to name a few… Click on recent events on our homepage; or Check out tunes & event vids in www.pan.dj

vj baby k’s live visual art has been seen in events by Halcyon, Nano Records, Psytribe, Chemistry, Psychedelic Academy, ATARI Project–and has created warped visuals in venues such as Cable, The Fridge, Matter and in events all over Europe. Check out insane visual mixes and event vids in YouTube.